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MangoRED 2009 » 2007 » November

Gaisano-Wong Storybook

We’re at it again folks, sticking our cojones out.
Doing some outrageous work for all yo!

What is creativity without creative courage? Right?
Go where no man has gone before and all that blah blah :)
Shooting in Cebu is manna from heaven. If I’d be asked to live there..I’d say YES in a heartbeat.
wonderful place..people. well.. virtually everything!

Warning: cliche ahead>  Here it is, finally. After countless sleepless nights, illustrating, about some cheap news and chismax…

For all you blog stalkers out there, and our dear dear couples…from the bottom of our hearts and the bottomless red horse beer bottles awash our workplace :)
Without further ado……

Derwin Wong + Dada Gaisano
Hotel: Marco Polo
Church: Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral
Reception: The New White Gold House
Event Coordinator: Stanz Catalan

Front cover:

Back cover:

A few spreads….

The Marco Polo Hotel offers a magnificent view of the city

To give you an idea how big and grand the event was, just take a look at all these very eager lensmen gathered around the marching bride…unaccounted for are ones up the balcony, by the main door, side etcetera..etc. We shot along with Lito Sy Davao, this group of Cebuano photographers..and another pack of videogs…sorry, forgot the name. Pls fill me in, Stanz :)

Some reception detail shots. The white Gold House was incredibly transformed into this :) Mad props to Stanz and co.

Again, the full album shall be uploaded to our main site. The new version will be up anytime soon…just some minor tweaking here and there. Your patience will be rewarded. :)


Deconstructing the mangoALBUM

The whole approach of the team is to take old-school techniques and street technology and figure out how to do something fresh and original with them. Our illustrations and graphic elements are all hand-drawn…downright pinoy mano-mano style.

It’s always tempting to think that if an idea worked once, it can work again. So afraid are we to invent something new, to push on into unexplored creative territory, we talk ourselves into believing that a truly great idea is timeless. But just as you and I won’t live forever, neither do ideas. Not even the best of them. Sure, the car was a big idea. But someday, we’re all going to move on to something else. Personal anti-gravity transporters. Teleportation tubes. Maybe we’ll all be flying off to work with little rockets strapped to our backs. Something. And when that happens, the world will let one idea go and embrace a new one.

Now, please ignore my preachy little rant again. Here’s a few snippets into how we go around doin your fantabulous albums.

Honey, Ber & Tolits struttin their stuff.

We can turn off the computer and pick up a pencil. Keyboards are fast. Pencils are slow. Pencils are good. :)

Stephen workin’ the wacom. We do coloring by hand, or digitally. Depends on the the album’s art style.

A big guy like ‘Pen needs a big ass screen too!

Stupid caption: Staring down the barrel of the impossible deadline.
This is where all the elements come together…inside this itty bitty notebook.

Novelty is always the order of the day for us. Shellacking our brains for the next BIG idea.
If you’re going to work for us, you are damn well going to put the pedal to the metal and damn the craft as well. :) Will post actual pix of the albums once the fedEX guy hands em to us.


Mike & Aiza Engagement

TAPIA & PULBOSA Engagement
Location: Bonifacio High Street, Baywalk Avenue

Ok, now i’m starting to like this spot coloring thingy..yeah yeah..i suck. But swear, I wont..ever do it to bouquets on brides :)


How many hands do you see? Start counting.


fencing. :)

Jolly & Shar wedding pix up next.
Coffee break!
Catch ya later, escaLATER! :)