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MangoRED 2009 » 2007 » December

Pj and Kathy PostNup

PJ Amanse + Kathy AzaƱa-Amanse
On Her: Ariel Alvarez
On Him: Paul Smith
Location: camsurwatersportscomplex

Pj is one of my bestest friends. This alone puts massive pressure on me for this shoot.
They will be migrating to Canada on the 27th so we really had to squeeze this in to our tight sked.

CWC holds a very special place in our hearts. We’d often spend our lazy summer afternoons there swimming, wakeboarding, or just sleeping the day off.

Never thought working on a Christmas day would be much fun!
As Confucius puts it, choose a job you love, and you never work a single day in your life.

Click HERE to view their prenup pix at Pearl Farm Davao..just in case you missed it.

at the CWC villa.

On this construction site will soon rise the CWC boat lake. If you’ve been to the cable lake, this thing will be twice the size of you also double the fun, the action..and the chances of getting stoked!!!

A shot inspired by Takashi Miike’s film DEAD OR ALIVE (HANZAISHA). It’s one of those films that would shake the artist in you to the core.
This is the shot Kath and PJ love the most. I think they are absolutely perfect for each other.

Left-Right: Teen (Kat’s sis), Me, Russell (S Events), Kat, Pj, mangoJazz, mangoRandall

Dude, expect the best wedding album on earth…just gimme ummm..about a month more? LOL
and I also expect you to be the best damn doctor in Canada! fair enough? :) I just cannot thank you enough dude…thank you..for always sticking your ass out for me.
To my globetrotting super friends, in behalf of the mango team, I wish you all the fun and success in the world!

Balik ‘Pinas kagad ha!
Bon Voyage Padi!
and Merry Christmas everybody! :)


Eric & Mai

Hotel: Evercrest Hotel
Church: Chapel on the Hill, Tagaytay
Reception: Splendido Country Club
Videographer: Jason Magbanua
Coordinator: Ernest Pascual of Events Events

The ring shot.
Mai, this i hafta confess..i ate about a couple of these goodies before i got a keeper.hihihi.sorry, cant help it! But i bet you saw all of us…(Jason and friends) chomp them one after another til we left for the church…right? :) :) :)

A funny scene at the prep room.

Nothing compares to the old-world charm of Splendido.

A portrait after the ceremony.

and another portrait to beat!
A healthy reminder from Dra. Mai… an apple a fill this in. :)
cheers guys! thanks for letting us do what we do! i’ll post a few more from your ultra-cool wedding when our sked slackens a bit.


Lyle & Rea Wedding

Hotel + Reception: Bellevue Hotel, Alabang
Church: St. James Cathedral
Videographer: Bob Nicolas
Coordinator: Chinkie Agregado
Makeup: Madge Lejano
Entertainment: Akafellas
Emcees: Robi Joseph & Ryan Willard

The ring/bling-bling shot

RIVER (Rea’s kid bro) shows everybody how to strike a pose.

The bride. All set and ready to rumble!

4th frm left is Rea’s bro who happens to be a member of the famed Akafellas. They belted out some of Rea’s all time favorite OPM tunes and lots lots more to everybody’s delight. Robi, who again happens to be a prolific radio disk jock also emceed for the event. You did one helluva job, dude! You stole the thunder away from the couple. You’d shame Pablo Francisco in a one on one showdown. hahaha.

The father-daughter dance.

On that very night, Rea’s dad celebrated his bday. He blows his cake as Tito Ralph with the glass of wine looks on.

Ralph’s Wines & Spirits is a family owned business. Needless to say, tons of these were flowing freely at the reception party.

Last two portraits at the Bellevue lobby.

We are mangoRED. We are the frisky voices at the back of your heads. We can let you do everything that tickles our fancy. harharhar