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MangoRED 2009 » 2009 » May

mangoRED Workshop

Close encounters of the strange kind.


When: {Philippine Independence Day} June 11 & 12

Where: {mangoRED studio} #28A Capinpin Street, San Antonio Village Pasig City, Philippines

What: Shooting, post-processing, album graphic design, rationale for procrastinating and womanizing :)

Who: Abductees from all walks of life, age groups, and ethnic backgrounds. The kind that hears strange humming noises and see balls of light at night.

Limited to 25 slots. {unlimited booze!}

For workshop rates and more details, leave a comment here or sign up at

Come & Be Yourself. Everyone else is TAKEN.



Poster Design {Twisted4rk}


Danny & Dena


Preps {Sheraton Hotel Towson Baltimore}
Ceremony {The Senator Theater}
Reception {American Legion Hall}

Video cuts from  filmmakers WILLIAM A. WHITEFORD & SUSAN HANNAH HADARY’s Academy Award winning film “KING GIMP”. {Written and narrated by Danny himself}

Danny & Dena wrote ” It all started with a engine search at midnight with 3 glasses of wine behind our belts…googling “Funky Wedding Photographers”. With a bit of investigation, we found ourselves blown away with “MANGORED”. Who would of thought those three words would lead me to the Philippines? Our inquiry became a automatic “YES…we would be honored to shoot king (not literally, but you know what I mean-haha).”

After a furious initial exchange of emails, Randall and I honestly thought it has all the makings of a prank. Ohhhhkaayy… let’s see…“Danny and Dena” ..the names sounded overrrly twee. Plus, Dena’s letters were unusually giddy &  goading us into us into thinking…alright…keep the cute coming… we’re not listening! haha. We’d chime in chorus…April fool’s! Who would travel halfway around the world to shoot a stranger’s wedding on ungodly April 1st? However with Dena’s emailing tenacity, it gradually dawned on us that this is happening for real, they are for real! Our hearts sunk and we suddenly found ourselves in stoned ruminations…errrr…..reveling in the waaaarm musical afterglow of the moment. We cant stop conjuring up images of syrupy country-music ballads and hovering butterflies. weeeeeee! Ice-cold America..i have asthma!

Fast forward to Towson Baltimore. Wedding day. I will not even attempt to put it into words. How can one describe episodes of…(warning: hokey lines ahead)… ” rise & fall of purpose and belief? “ or …. ” renewal of hope?”…. ” sustaining of faith? “. The testament to human resilience makes up for the absence of ornament. Everything was devoid of descriptive adjectives. For a moment, one can just forget about the ordinariness of life…

Danny and Dena wrote: “How does one begin? Our eyes show the emotional state we are in at this very moment. It followed with silence and a tearful embrace that lasted until we were able to finish. I’m grateful that we are alone to finalize this closure. Most brides and grooms live for the peak of matrimony, ours in the “Now”.  The storm, excitement, frustration, anticipation, gratitude, and hard work has all settled…it is now that we can enjoy the true decoration of our wedding day, people. Our family, friends, piers, advocates and the generosity of strangers become together like the most beautifully executed painting in it’s stellar form.”

Danny and Dena wrote: “Thank you for letting us be real and allowing us to share our story in it’s normal state. Errors, delays, nervousness, and pride with joy. The beauty is not in the garments nor the perfect setting or a perfect written vow. It is made of mistakes and quirky non-sense that seems to follow with smile made of eternity measures. Let us be the lead for what Grooms and Brides…perfection is not necessary, attempt is absolute.”

We say ” Thank you.”  Thank you for pulling the walls down and finding a new direction for all of us. For a while, we were grasping for the oxygen we needed to write. What you made us feel was deeper than anything. More primal, beyond the reach of language. Giving us insight into the pathology of our own wanderlust. Thank you for reminding us to forget about the crippling burden of the self and fear of the future.

Danny boy, your short and simply constructed sentences are a repository of wisdom. Comforting and emboldening. Your acid-spiked wit never fail to set our balls on fire! :)

Dena, your giggles tickle us to a happy death. hahaha. Every moment with you is a poppy burst of bliss.

Thank you for your kindness and hospitality. We are still over the moon.

Ryan, Randall, Joan and the rest of the mangoBoys.