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MangoRED 2009 » 2009 » June

Reid & Alarice


Preps :Empire Hotel, 44W 63rd St Broadway / NY Palace Hotel 455 Madison Avenue NYC
Ceremony : Church of the Blessed Sacrament 152 west 71st Street New York City
Reception :620 Loft, Rockefeller Center 620 5th Avenue NYC
After Party :Ava Lounge Dream Hotel 210 West 55th St NYC

Rehearsal Dinner :Blue Hill Farm 75 Washington Place NYC

Videography: Barnaby Draper Studios / Photography: mangoRED + Dennis Uy Brillantes
Gown Pronovias / Florist: Melarosa /
Dresses: TWO birds Bridesmaid

Makeup: Michelle Torio / Hair: Yubie Bridesmaids
Caterer: Creative Edge Parties / Band: Uptown Swing
Events Coordinator :Cheryl J Weddings & Events


Roam Magazine Feature: Wet & Gritty

Executive Editor {Jake Versoza}. Editor in Chief {Upper Viceo}

Location {CamSur (CWC) , CamNorte (Daet Bagasbas) Bicol Philippines
Words {Elmer Ramos}
Photos + Layout {mangoRED)



For the rest of Bicol, a tropical storm signal no.1 is enough to cause an alarm, but not for the surfing community in Bagasbas, Daet, Camarines Norte. The brooding overcast skies looming in the dark horizon contrast deeply with the manic action brimming with the sunny fervor offshore. Bagasbas, which is a mere five-minute drive from Daet Airport, is the region’s premier surf hotspot.

“It has been two months of dry spell here,” explains Owen Andrade, “you must understand that for the locals (resident surfers), a storm announcement means party”, the bronze-skinned nurse by profession slash surf guru added with a chuckle.

Owen, 44 years old, has spent half of his life riding and harnessing waves. For him, it is not so much of a hobby but a lifestyle. In surf lingo, he is among those who are dubbed as soul surfers.

His passion and almost quasi-religious devotion to the art form has not been laid into waste. From a semi-obscure hobby, surfing in Bagasbas has slowly evolved into a dynamic community, spawning local surfers and attracting enthusiasts not just around the country but even worldwide. Jimmy, a French national and an architect by profession has flown all the way from Cambodia, where he is currently based, just to surf here.

For P400 you can rent a surfboard for an hour plus a basic surfing clinic headed by local professional instructors. Swells vary depending on weather conditions and may reach up to nine feet. The ideal season is the period between March and May in which annual surf activities and competitions are regularly held, acting as a shot in the arm for the local surf scene.

“Anyone can be taught how to surf,” says Owen, “provided that one has the right attitude for it.”  He further reiterated that, “Surfing is 70% paddling and 30% riding or wiping out…but the basic rule is, always go for the winning wave.”

With the local government’s assistance such as the road-widening project and the erection of amenities like more hotels to accommodate the influx of visitors, Bagasbas is one swell way to experience Bicol the other way around.


About a three-hour drive from Daet lies Pili, the capital of Camarines Sur province, where you can find the CamSur Watersports Complex (CWC).

For water sports enthusiasts worldwide, CWC is a Mecca of sorts. Built in 2006 by the provincial government as a flagship eco-tourism project, the six-hectare complex, with its six-point cable system suspended eight to 12 meters above a vast water surface, is the ideal alternative for those who are looking for a fix of them good ol’ adrenaline rush.

Albeit more populist than surfing, possibly because of its relatively tempered nature, advanced players could perform challenging and often times fatal tricks such as the No-hander or Powerslide.

Different types of boards are available for different riding levels. Beginners could settle for a kneeboard, while more advanced riders prefer the strapless and far more difficult wakeskate which looks like a waterborne sibling of the skateboard. There are no fixed rules here, provided you have the balls to ride hardcore. With a gape mouth, I once witnessed two Korean nationals negotiate treacherous ramps with nothing but their spare surfboards. Whack!

According to Ricky Otilla, a cable operator and also a pioneer local wakeboarder, what draws people from around the globe to this place is the quality of the park, not to mention the cheaper rates as compared to other cable parks. Rates range from P125-P1,200 only including a free 15-minute kneeboarding instruction for starters. Also crucial is the obstacle course which, despite its challenging construction designed for the advanced rider, is also safe enough for a newbie who dare tries to nail his first tricks.


Beyond the cables, exhausted riders can chill out at the pool, hang out for some beer and munchies at nearby bars serving unique Bikolano delicacies like the laing pizza, or if the energy is still up, check out the Provincial Skate Park located just a stone’s throw away from the complex.

Frederick “Brow” Briones, a Naga City-based skateboarding veteran and a skate shop-proprietor sees the Skate Park as manna from the skate heaven. “Back in the day, I guess that was in 1997, we skate wherever we can”, the 27-year old skater recalls with a wry grin.

He then relates tales of harassment from the police who refused to let them skate on public places like plazas and church parking lots. This eventually culminated into a skateboarding ban in the city while the only places left to skate were infested with dangerous street thugs. A bad time for their clique, really.


Later on, he and his skate posse demoed to us their finest airborne maneuvers and tricks at the skate park. Erected just last year by professional designers through the effort of the provincial government, the park is the only one of its kind in the region. Adorned with ramps and rails not unlike those which are seen on extreme sports channels, it has become a regular venue for annual skating competition organized by local skaters themselves.

Their message is simple—anyone can skate, or if you don’t, you still can appreciate the kamikaze thrill of watching the pros do their fearless skate exploits at the Provincial Skate Park and still feel the rush. No kidding.

So if you and your gang of Kerouac-wannabes have nothing to offer to this world but confusion, a beat-up car with a full tank, and some spare cash to burn, step on the gas and head south. There is more to Bicol than the proverbial Mayon Volcano.

The question is, do you have the guts?


Armin & Nonie {Wedding}

Virgin Beach Resort, Laiya Batangas

AVP by {Direk Erik Matti} / Voice Over {Lourd de Veyra}


He first saw Nonie’s picture in a friend’s iBook. And instantly, sparks flew.
“Pwede…!”, he thought.

She first met him in Starbucks G4. And instantly, sparks flew.
“So, this is Armin…”, she thought.

Five months later, they were both sitting in a hole-in-a-wall tapsihan,
somewhere in the fishing town of Kawit, Cavite.

He was sitting at the head of the table

for the reason that he was the only one who didn’t have a partner in the group.
(His partner was oceans away in the City That Never Sleeps.)

She made sure she sat on his left side.
(While her boyfriend sat on her left.)

They smiled at each other.
He didn’t know what to say to her.
She didn’t know what to say to him.

She had looked forward to this group outing, had looked forward to seeing him and now, couldn’t freakin’ think of anything to say to him. She went on an in-depth study of the menu instead.

He had to say something, anything.
His eyes wandered at her pink shirt, with a tiger’s big, golden head splashed across it.
He cleared his throat and said,
“Ganda ng shirt mo ah!”

(Wow, that was lame Armin. “How’s the weather?” would’ve been more provocative.)

She looked at him.
And for one millisecond of a moment, she was at lost for words.
She opened her mouth as if to speak…but decided to close it.
Instead, she raised her right arm, curled her five thin fingers into a claw, and said:


His eyes widened. His heart fluttered.
The world spun at a dizzying speed, blurring everything in sight.
Except for the two of them.

If that precise moment was a scene in a movie,
and not some random happening in all of the universe,
the cheesy chords of an 80s love song would’ve faded in,
the type of track you would slow dance to with your JS Prom date.
“Tiiime, I’ve been passing time watching trains go byyy…”

He blinked. The song faded.
What he never thought possible–
for the reasons that they were both not exactly unattached–
was now possible.
All he could think of…all he could hope for was,


And it all happened in a matter of a few, life-changing seconds.

She turned her attention back to the menu.
Oblivious to the effect that single gesticulation had on him.
Unaware of the magnitude that one-syllable guttural utterance did to his heart.

She had him at RAWRRR!”

“Writing is a solitary occupation.”

Nonie Tobias-Azores
Senior Copywriter
Leo Burnett Manila