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MangoRED 2009 » 2009 » July

Elliot & Francine

E L L I O T  A B A D / F R A N C I N E  R E A L

D i s c o v e r y  S h o r e s  B o r a c a y  P h i l i p p i n e s
V i d e o  / { M a y a d  S t u d i o s }
E v e n t  P l a n n e r  / { A m a n d a  T i r ol }


STATUS Magazine 7

Cover Art < Fafi > .   Editor < Rosario Herrera >
Words < Erika Hoffman >MakeUp < Sharon Soledad-Malig of Shu Uemura >

Photography <Muse Section> mangoRED

TATTOOED ON OUR MINDS < Muse x Sarah Gaugler p102 >

” If everyone goes zig, go zag, “ says 22-year old band singer, graphic illustrator, tattoo artist , and part-time model, SARAH GAUGLER. And indeed, zag she went when she ran away from home at the age of 17 to nourish her hunger for the arts at UST while most girls would have just done otherwise. Currently, she is in the band Turbo Goth with their first single out entitled, “ Morning Swim.” Sarah quips, “ Our songs vary from many different genres but our music is all rock, pop, and happy-no real category.”

When Sarah walks in, her contradicting styles of edginess and graceful sophistication makes her stand out. She’s sporting a boho-chic headband, a black tank top, and a tattoo of and embellished heart on her right shoulder that reminds us of a school-girl-in-love doodle rather than a rough and tumble tat. When asked about how everything began, she looked up and answered as if there has never been an official beginning. “ I guess my art started when I was a kid drawing, ” she replies casually.

Her attraction to the arts was pretty natural, just like her recent success. When she was in college, the band Orange and Lemons saw her artwork on the Internet and were immediately captivated that they asked her to do the illustrations for their Moonlane Gardens album cover. It won at the NU Rock Awards and everyone just started to want her to design for them. But the applause to her work paper soon got old, so she wandered on to a different canvas-skin. “ I got impatient; besides, you should never stop growing.”

Sarah Gaugler is definitely unclassifiable as seen in her art, music, and even persona, which she emulates from Madonna and Audrey Hepburn-the kind of juxtaposition of flair and classic whimsy that only makes sense in her world. She is a creator, both seeing the world and personally compelled to add to it. Nothing or no one else feeds or quenches her hunger. “ I just do what is beautiful to me, It’s a struggle, but I do it anyway because this is what God wants me to do.”


Illustrado Magazine Feature

mangoRED is featured in the 31st issue of Dubai-based ILLUSTRADO Magazine.

Wedding photography is supposed to capture a couple’s sweet fairytale moments as they shift into a life of blissful togetherness…NOT! Ever thought cemetery shots, snakes, dark images that evoke the mood of a funeral, wacky cartoonish images and trashy street shots could ever be part of a couple’s nuptial portfolio? Think again. Brothers Randall and Ryan Dagooc collectively known as MangoRED, churn out one-of-a kind bridal photography that’s stunningly fresh, creative and offbeat, way beyond the typical cheesy bridal photography that is so “yesteryears.”

Looking at their unconventional photography which leaves one with an inevitable smile in the mind, it is not surprising to note that the brothers from Naga City started unconventionally as well.  The brothers say they were “ bored ” five years ago, while still in college, so they dabbled with commercial photography but eventually  found an underdeveloped niche in the wedding industry.  Without the benefit (or in this case, limitation) of art training as well as high-tech photography equipment all the two really had going for them was their unlimited imagination and hunger to create.  “ We learned everything by rote since we never took art-related courses.  And yeah, we started doing everything guerilla style since we only had a 1-megapixel  (P&S) Sony Cybershot cam (with a 4MB memory card) and six incandescent bulbs mounted on plywood for lighting” says Ryan as a matter-of-factly.

MangoRED’s photography is all about experimentation from the moment the shoot is conceptualized down to the designing of the album, fanned by Randall and Ryan’s knack for visual aesthetics and instinctual creativity.  And they have brought an unbridled wide-eyed approach to their art, which they refuse to classify as being of one particular style, although they admit is based on giving people fresh ideas all the time.  The brothers say that they try to avoid what they perceive as the flaw of majority of wedding photographers and that is sticking to a routine and a single working formula.  “ People have to see something new.  We have to do something new.  We can’t get bored again; we have to continue loving what they are doing.  Amuse and surprise ourselves each time.  The more we stretch our minds to outdo our last shoot, the more interesting it will get.  We try to keep everything tense, crisp, contemporary and offbeat.  The process is intuitive.”

Commenting on their clients, the brothers admit that it wasn’t very easy to gain acceptance for their unconventional work in the beginning.  “ People thought it was way too cartoony, outlandish…non-wedding.  Perhaps the market wasn’t ready.” Recalls Ryan.  However five years down the road, the duo has managed to win over an exclusive clientele, and has put together an impressive portfolio of quirky, edgy, beautiful and astoundingly creative wedding images that are outstanding not only within the Philippine context, but internationally as well.

Ryan remarked, “ The market has eventually grown and is entering an age of creative revolution.  We are here trying to facilitate a world where the creator and client become the co-authors of their own “ hyper-realities” There is an active imaginative collaboration.   There was the kind of journey to liberty they were looking for and that which happens to parallel our own.  The images and stories we produce stand for the arrival of a strong new voice.”

We’d like to thank magazine EIC Lalaine Chu-Benitez and Johanna Dalocanog for this spankin’ 4-spread feature! :)