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WELCOME TO THE NEW mangoBLOG. We’re brothers Ryan and Randall Dagooc. As you can see in our avatars, one of the things we do best is laugh at ourselves.

Our healthy crew is composed of photographers, illustrators, layout artists who are just as passionate about our work as the two of us. We are comfortably and chummily left-of-center. We have to confess that we’ve never been to art schools nor earned a major design degree…coz despite its pluses, we reckon this isn’t for everyone..let alone for us. In our case, the real world is the best course.

Our vision is based on principles of openness, directness, irreverence, democracy and a dislike of institutions and pretensions.

We’re always looking for the culturally relevant work and staying current with the hive mind. It’s intuitive, a lot of it. We think it’s just experiencing how far you can keep your mind open on a daily basis, and paying attention.

We’d like to describe our work as a tickle in your brain. .it’s not just the quality of the idea, it’s the quality of the execution, the finish. the unique spin in colors, the lines, perspective..when these elements align, they create a visual perfume.

We believe that no matter how monstrous your talent, no matter your adeptness with concepts, your adroitness with words, with pictures, no matter how much you have learned from all the creative masters who have gone before you, it will mean nothing - no, it will mean less than nothing - if you do not love your work with all its pain and glory. .every last sweet and sour moment of it - the late nights, the lost Sundays.

We love it all. Embrace it all. Suck it all in and let it shape and form us into something amazing, something with depth and breadth and subtle variations in texture and color, the likes of which we’ve never seen.

We love what we do..the highs and lows and weave it all into what we are, and what we are to become. Inspiring us to work harder and longer and smarter than we did the day before.

So…uhhh…enough with this before we all get too mushy & carried away.

Now go ahead and eat our new blog and enjoy all our sun baked fun.

Any comments, suggestions and ramblings, post them in the comments box or better yet, shoot us a private mail.

See yah!



  1. MANGORED…you guys are really amazing! I am sooo excited to work with you next year. I promise to offer eggs at Carmelite and pray for good weather this time, hehehe

  3. dito sa pinas, nakakasawa na talaga ang mangga na kulay dilaw..pare-pareho ang istilo..buti na lang at may mangored..namumukod tangi..

  5. MANGORED team!!! thnx for making our engagement more memorable!! will all the thousand shots you took(picture perfect)!!! hahaha Dapat on our wedding day!!! million shots na, haha!!! cant wait for next year!!! thnx so much! merry christmas to MANGORED family!!! :)

  7. very much JESH DE ROX !!!


  11. I admire y’alls work! It’s utterly impressive to say the very least. I purchased my first DSLR a few months ago and am (very) slowly learning. Hope to become as proficient with it as you guys.

    Btw, I met your friend James here in Texas last week. He’s the one who pointed me in this direction. And I saw/remember the Rivermaya commercial while I was there in Naga a couple summers ago!

  13. Mauragon talaga mga padi. astig ang mga kuha nyo.. Ngunyan ko lang nabisita ining site ninyo sulit ang client nyo ne’to.

  15. hoy ryan! kamo mashoot kang prenup ko..hehehe..

  17. hoy dagooc! i need to ask you something, professionally related.. :D pano ko kamo makokontak? :D

  19. Congrats on this new site! I appreciate your fresh approach and I love what you said “it will mean less than nothing - if you do not love your work with all its pain and glory. .every last sweet and sour moment of it - the late nights” so true.

    I look forward to seeing more of your images as they unfold.

    God bless

  21. Wow…seriously one way cool blog. Beautiful body of work here :)

  23. oh my God!this is the MANGO RED photos we’ve been looking for…absolutely amazing!please please send me your wedding rates and packages……

  25. Malufeton kamo!

  27. You guys are AWEsome!!! Please email me your current rates/packages/services. Thanks mucho :)

  29. Astig!!!..
    you two guyz…
    and all our staffs..
    are awsome..
    i mean it..
    you ROCK the digital wolrd..
    kya nga po IDOL ko kau e…

    am a big fan of yours..
    as in..
    im a freshmen in digital field..
    i was too excited to know more about you guyz..
    can i have some ideas from you ?..
    and suggestions…
    o kahit ambon man lng ng talent nyo..

    keep it up..
    sna we could chatt sometime…

  31. I am so happy that i met your group - cant wait for the finish product, sayang isang beses lang prenup (^_^) BITIN

    sexchange FTW!!! *wink *wink

  33. magaling!!!

  35. I’m going home this March! Yey! Is it possible to stop by one of your studios/offices (as I am aware you have 2) so I can be in the presence of such great artistic talents. You never know, it might rub off on me! (Maski diit lang solb na ako hehe. Kudos guys for being great at what you do. I stand in awe.

  37. Your the best. Simply put ‘MAORAG!’

  39. Could you please email me your contact number? Or better yet, post it on your blog/website.

  41. Guys,let us know if you’ll be here in eastcoast so we could meet :-) Email us ok?! More success! GOD bless!

  43. Ei guys! Tnx for the experience in zambales! cant wait to see the pix… we had fun with all the waves and the thing dat happened with our boat on our way home… ha! ganda tlga! c u soon!

  45. hi. id like to know ur rates. please send me ur rates and packages. thank you.

  47. Hey!!Tnx for the cool pre-nup pix you guys did for us..we’ve proven that we’re certified MANGORED FANATICS! Still looking @ ur works everyday though our wedding is finished!Can’t help it!!!

  49. Thanks guys! Really appreciate the reinforcement and all!

  51. Yo Randall! Few more days to go hommes! Hehehe Excited na din kami makawork kayo. Catch you guys on Monday.. :p

  53. Weeee!! i LOOVE your works! SOOPER!! :)) We (randall) already met in Jap’s wedding. hmmm. I hope you still remember. haha! I’m a fan already! yuck! para akung tanga! :) Anyways..i hope to see you again..and hopefully learn from you guys.. :) Weeee!! :))

  55. Yo! Rands et al, grabe nag enjoy kaming marhay duman sa shot ta! Can’t wait to see the edited copies.. Si hagad ko raws ha hehehe :D yaon naman saemo email ko :p tas pag ulayan ta din si surf board mo ;).. Awesome work guys!!!

  57. ok.. it’s fun talaga magtake ng pix!

  59. magayunon talaga mga pix nindo..

  61. sana mageling mi na din ang preview mi hahahaha.. :) musta na lang sa gabos :)

  63. Guys, your images and post processing rock! But, apart from it, it’s your writing ability & your choice of beautiful English that really got me hooked to your site!

  65. Ever since my colleague Mary(*) introduced me to your site I’ve been so hooked! I’ve featured MangoRED as my Blog Pick for my May 5 Vlog (a daily vlog project) which you can find by clicking my link. Continue to inspire guys!

    (*) - Mary’s cousin is Mich; Mary is the girl in red in that high contrast shot where the bride and groom are on the lower right.

  67. …a visit to MANGORED is always an excursion to a magical world of ARTISTRY and CREATIVITY….Now i feel OK….aaaahhhhhh

  69. I love what you did with Caryll & Jose’s Wedding that brought me into your link! You guys rock! till next.. I hope to see you around in future weddings - Lil (Caryll’s MakeUP artist.)

  71. hello! how can I contact u guys?nice work!

  73. swabe!!! mangored has raised the standards… emerging as an icon in the industry, i salute the brothers for putting the bicol in the map!

  75. Holy Smokes….you guys rock!

    I happen to stumble upon your website accidently! I am currently getting married April Fools Day of 2009. We are a fairly interesting odd couple and it makes sense that the choice we make for our photographs should be such as well. Different and creative! I am a disabled artist, which paints with my headstick because I can’t manage things well with my spastic hands. I was the subject in the Academy Award Winning Documentary called “King Gimp”. You can view my once aired commercial on YOUTUBE: Unbelievably Lucky.

    We need to make this happen fellas. I love the originality in these photos. What is the cost in U.S.A. Dollar? We are located in Maryland. Who took the photos? Do you supply a photographer? Tell us how this all works and we will follow your lead.

    Take care friends, Daniel & Dena

  77. wow! guys are totally great!
    lupiiiiiiiiiit ng mga gawa nyo..


  81. i was theorizing why you’re called mangoRED… i haven’t slept last night thinking about it… so i checked if it were an anagram… and the phrases i got from it was “dream on” and “gone mad”… but each was lacking a letter… so i suppose you just like mangoes… hehe… anyway, you’re the coolest!!!

  83. Wonderful works of Art! Consider me a big fan! I will be visiting Manila soon and I would like to have photos taken…please email me your info.


  85. I’m getting married in Boracay next year March 7, 2009, can you email me your rate? I want you!!!

  87. Hi!

    Would like to inquire about your rates for pre nup and wedding…thanks!!!

  89. Hello guys im really impressed all ur photos. im getting married nxt year in cebu. can u pls. send me ur package prices. tnx;)

  91. You guys are my hero, really I promise. So anytime you want some mexican experience come down here, I´m dangerously near Chichen Itza and the Mayan Rivier, lol. So happy I have some naturally flavored and colored feed to my NetNewsWire, lol.
    Keep on that rock, and blessings.
    Indira aka Miss Indi Pop

  93. Hi!!!! You guys are amazing. I can’t find your email but please send me more info. about your wedding packages etc.
    Thank you…can’t wait to hear from you

  95. hi mangored team. my fiance and i have been drooling over your site(hehe)…please please please send us your wedding packages / rates…we are seriously considering you. thanks so much. (please send to the email address indicated on my info) =)

  97. hi guys…would like to inquire about your wedding rates. thanks.

  99. really really cool!!..ideas,composition and imagination..perfect!, a great artists.

  101. eloww there, can u please send me your rates for wedding. Thanks a lot. You have gourgeous photos. Keep up the inspired works of art.

  103. hi dagooc bro’s! i love your ideas and concepts. i would like to ask sana for your rates. we’re planning to get wed late 2009 or early 2010 jan sa naga. anyway, kapitbhay ko kau jan sa cathedral st when i was still studying, sainyo ako bumibili ng candles pgka brownout..hehe=) nwei, keep up the good work! im so glad i came accross your site =)

  105. hi guys! i loved your ideas and concepts. can you send me the rates? we’re planning to get wed late 2009 or early 2010 jan sa naga. anyway, i didnt know you’re great photpgraphers now. Kapitbahay ko kau dati sa cathedral st when I was still studying and staying kina lolo, sainyo ako bumibili ng candle pgka brownout. I’m just glad I came accross your site =)

  107. hello there! i’m a fan!!! and it’ll definitely be a wedding dream come true if you’re gonna take our wedding pix! how many month/s or year/s must we need for us to book in advance?may we also know your rates?kindly email me…thanks!

  109. oh my God!those pictures are absolutely amazing!please please send me your wedding rates and packages……

  111. How’d you get your pictures so sharp and crisp? You’re really great. Totally wow. Everything is perfect. YOu should win awards.

  113. WOW you guys are surprisingly good!!
    all of you are my in composotion, layout… all
    you set the BOMB!!!
    really AMAZING..

  115. Hi Ryan & Randall! How are you brothers??? :) Wala lang. Just wanted to drop by and say hi. More power to you guys. Hi din to Al. Heheh.

  117. Hi guys!
    Forgot about us??? Can’t wait na… Post naman jan, pls. pls. pls… :-)

  119. …i feel so small…wehehehe.

  121. what are the songs playing in the bg?

  123. pucha doodle art……mabuhai…
    sana maka trabaho ko po kau…..

    sana….hehehehe keep on doodling……bilib………….

  125. Wow, never seen work like it, stunning I am blow away


  127. Amazing work! Please send me your rate for wedding coverage. Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks, thanks:)

  129. Hi guys! I really love your work! You guys got so much talent. Anyway, may i ask you to send me your package? Wedding and pre-nup? Thanks a bunch!

  131. hi there…sobrang nag enjoy ako with your last visit sa cebu… grabe ang energy ninyo! i am looking forward to working with you again…hope u had fun sa loft! stay grounded…

  133. posted you guys at :D astig, keep the good stuff coming. :D

  135. Hi guys! :) I really had fun working with you…till next CEBU wedding…

  137. salamat sa coke tska isturya… dai na ko malakaw sa sunod… =D

  139. OMG! Love love love it! Each set of pics is more fabulous than the last.. you just keep getting better!

  141. hi guys! i cant get enough of your work! its really, really creative.. *nakaka ingit* i feel like i wanna get married soon.. hahaha

  143. hi! guys i like your work, but can u pls make it bandwidth friendly and if possible without a song? there an error always appearing. Hope this helps u so that more clients can view your page.

  145. great site! what’s the title of the background songs?

  147. heaven sent. can you shoot commercials? you guys are exactly what we’re lookin for. pls send me your rates.

  149. i have the the same team manila shirt (barrioistic) hehe.
    I was browsing through your works. it was interesting to see the evolution of your creativity. 2007 pics was good in a traditional kind of way …..2008 pics…. ang lufet pare! you guys finally found your niche.

  151. Please send us your wedding package. Great Art! Thanks!

  153. please.. please.. please.. sana ma-feature din kami sa website niyo… hahaha.

  155. VERY clever. You guys are cool!

  157. matinding layout!! astig talaga!!

  159. I love your concept and ideas. Can you send me your wedding packages and rate? Thank you.

  161. hi..i like u as my wedding is gonna be nxt yr.(july 26′09).can u send me ur rates..tnx!

  163. Hi, I would like to check if you are still available for Nov 21, 2009? What are your rates for wedding coverage in Tagaytay? Thanks!

  165. Hi! I lav, lav, lav, lav your works! You guys covered a friend’s wedding and that’s when i first visited your site. Ever since then i check your site every now and then. Great job!!! Btw, who’s singing in your background music? Another great artist like you guys! Cheers! :)

  167. brod, ano ang title kan background music kaining site nindo?

  169. I like it

  171. i’m a big big fan (literally and otherwise, hehe) :D big fan, enough to listen carefully to the background music and research it, hehe:D
    for those who might be wondering, one track is Imaginary Ordinary by Architecture in Helsinki ;)

  173. i’m a big fan, too!
    you guys rock!!!

  175. great works. world-class creativity indeed. even the choice of background music is tasteful. i like everything about this site. more power to creative freedom!

  177. background music by: Architecture In Helsinki
    title: Souvenirs
    Album: Fingers Crossed (2004)

    thank you MangoRed for awesome work of art here. stupendous!:-)

  179. van navarro on vocals, i love you! ^_^

  181. It was so much fun having you all on our wedding =) Can’t wait to see the photos =) More power!

  183. I’m only 18 years old but I’m getting too much excited for my wedding (that’s like 8 years from now or something haha) because of you guys! :D Hoping to be able to work with you in the future. Lalala!

  185. hi guys!
    saw your gallery and the photos were absolutely amazing! is there a way for us to contact you? kindly email me as soon as you can! thanks a lot!

  187. galeng nyo tlaga man

  189. heeey guys! nice meeting you all in bora! haha btw i was one of the hosts nung wedding last Jan 6th :) Randall yung tutorials ko ah! haha looking forward to see the photos! good job guys!- Chyv :P

  191. lupit nyo tlaga mga papa. nagtratrabaho din ako studio bilang photographer artist, d ko lng m express gusto ko traditional kc boss ko, pero k lng. astig nyo bro sana mkasama ko s inyo khit tga hawak lng ng camera nyo dude. “d ko nman tatakbo”

  193. Hi. Im interested in getting your services for my wedding. Are you available on Jan 30 or Feb 6, 2010? Thanks.

  195. cheers to mangored! we are your greatest fan…thanks for the awesome and stunning pictures!=)

  197. it’s hard to compete with hundreds or maybe thousands of fans that you have… haha… i am your nth number one fan!

    “i’ll be watching you.”

  199. d best!

  201. asteeeeeeg work nyo! hwuhoooow!

  203. you guys rock! i love your work and your style. i’ve been trying to get in touch for a wedding but your rates & contact-us pages are giving me “false” messages.

  205. hey guys u rock i appreciate ur stylah as an artist….go big time man…from tacloban city po!huraah

  207. Wow! Big fan of your photography & website :)

  209. bat parang hindi na updated ang site? last december pa sila huling nag post ng pics

  211. mangoRED! droga ko kayo! kailangan ko ng updates! haha… i need you to get me HIGH!!!

  213. nice works guys….i love ur work…..galing

  215. Hi,

    How do I contact you for inquiries? I like your gallery. Getting married this year :)

  217. Wow! your pics are truly amazing… i can’t wait for my wedding in Cebu next year! Looking forward to having you as my photographers! I also love the background songs playing on your website. May i know the titles and the artist please?? thanks!

  219. hi are you available for
    Dec 5, 2009 wedding? or pls send me all your available scheds for Dec. Thanks

  221. nice layouts!!!
    everlasting inspiration talaga

  223. repapips ang galing niyo like magnum photos. i like the cool tones of your pics, compositions are also great. BIg smile

  225. ang galing talaga..sobrang astig…gutso ko na rin tuloy maging artist!

  227. hi guys! saw ur site and it was awesome! Just wanna ask if where i can contact/inquire u guys? Thank you and hoping to hear from u guys.

  229. Hi I am a friend of Rochelle Celimen. I’m planning my wedding and she asked me to look into your work bcoz it is amazing. And true enough it is. Can you send me your rates. I would love to hear from you guys!!

  231. magaling magaling magaling,, ankulit ko kase dko makita ang kinoment ko kani kanina lang.Amp. Pakisend your wedding package nyo ha..Mabuhay kayo!

  233. !!!!!you guys are amazing! i discovered you thru an email sent by a friend, and your work just blows me away! i’m stupefied! what else can i say…already i’m a fan!

  235. Uyyyy!!! thanks thanks!!! cge cge sama ako sa shoot nyo! :D hahaha. mga idol ko kayo :P

  237. who are your staffs?

  239. seriously guys you are a genius! raw and sincere to what you do. I AM starting to be a fan. I will be looking forward to see more of what you do :D

  241. nice pics..

  243. nice:) sana someday maging magaling din aku sa photography, like MangoRed!…weeeee idol:)

  245. new look. ganda. kumusta na kayong lahat? curious lang ako, sino ang nag-layout sa lalaking pinturado? =)

  247. ganda naman! cute and makulit… galing talaga =)

  249. Hey guys - loving the new look blog!

  251. woah! ganda naman ng new look na site niyo… miss ko na kayo tsaka yun post processed photos namin wahaha! Anyways, ok new photo niyong dalawa… BAGAY!! Anyways, Thanks so much for covering our wedding, i surely had fun working with your team :)
    To Ryan and Randall,
    mga sira ulo pa rin kayo AS ALWAYS :) Thanks thanks :)

  253. uuuuuuuy I voted for the new photo. nice one…you can pay me later!

  255. rockon guys! your passion is an inspiration!

  257. u guys peace out..

    can i know u’re rates coz im planning to have may wedding this nov. tnx..

  259. Nice blog! I saw ur website at the front page of a book i love to read.. i got curious about ur work so i visited ur site.. the writer’s comment about you was true… u really are great.. i hope i cud take pictures lyk u do… but i guess im far from it..haha.. ;)

  261. Hey there! I sent over a link to your site to Kat from You guys deserve to be on the same level as the best in the world and the world needs to know that!

  263. Gracci, they certainly do! I am just writing a new post to feature on my guest post for Bridal Soup this week! Gotta share the love!

  265. jam packed sched! saya naman! pasama! hehe :P

  267. Our “Sweet Dream Team”,

    How does one begin? Our eyes show the emotional state we are in at this very moment. It followed with silence and a tearful embrace that lasted until we were able to finish. I’m grateful that we are alone to finalize this closure. Most brides and grooms live for the peak of matrimony, ours in the “now”. The storm, excitement, frustration, anticipation, gratitude, and hard work has all settled…it is now that we can enjoy the true decoration of our wedding day, people. Our family, friends, piers, advocates and the generosity of strangers become together like the most beautifully executed painting in it’s stellar form.

    Jason, Pang, Dino, Floria, The ‘lovely brother’ duo Ryan and Randall-are what wishes are made of. The definition of “Serendipity” is a most fortunate accident.

    It all started with a engine search at midnight with 3 glasses of wine behind our belts…googling “Funky Wedding Photographers”. With a bit of investigation, we found ourselves blown away with “MANGORED”. Who would of thought those three words would lead me to the Philippines? Our inquiry became a automatic “YES…we would be honored to shoot king (not literally, but you know what I mean-haha). Days later, an email was exchanged asking it we would mind that they shared our story to others in the industry that they admired for so long- Dino Lara and his lovely wife Floria/Jason and his newlywed 10+ year bride Pang. All were sold on our love story from afar and were willing to do anything to archive this event. Imagine. 5-6 photographers and film-makers come for us? What do we do to deserve this attention? We are plain john and jane. My Danny has a long history of accomplishments and at face value it is not what you see. I see a man who has an inspiration to your heart, it does not come with a shiny statue nor a title. One becomes better by a simple observation.

    This is what Jason, Pang, Ryan, Randall, Dino and Floria came for. Their journey was not for the negatives nor the beautiful images that they are most known for. It was in search for the story, wanting to learn and know more about the man behind the mind. Danny and I have such admiration for your drive. You are our reward as we are to you. You will become more passionate and compassionate by simply be. Each of you were our “wow” moment- prior, during and long after we waved farewell with tears down our faces.

    Thank you for letting us be real and allowing us to share our story in it’s normal state. Errors, delays, nervousness, and pride with joy. The beauty is not in the garments nor the perfect setting or a perfect written vow. It is made of mistakes and quirky non-sense that seems to follow with smile made of eternity measures. Let us be the lead for what Grooms and Brides…perfection is not necessary, attempt is absolute.

    Each of you have executed your attempts. Bravo would be the ideal word for your kindness and dedication. We are the lucky ones.

    We had a photographer, film-maker, friends with a cocktails in hand, groomsmen, care-provider (feeding Daniel), and a wardrobe changer in Ryan. Above all this magic behind the lens…it is- “each of you” that is the greatest wedding gift.

    You even made an Academy Award Winner Film-maker- “cry”.

    The wonder behind this team is what magic is made of - Dena

    A beginning to a brotherly union- Daniel

  269. reading Dena’s testimonial was heart-melting :)
    it just shows that the dream team are such beautiful people inside and out!

    GOD Bless you guys!

  271. Siempre con la cerveza y el cigarro, jajajajaja

    Always with beer and cigar, jajajajaaja

  273. Regards from Portugal. Love your work !!! Hope to see you quiet soon here !!!

    Pity you couldn´t share your beer and cigar … ehehehehe :P

  275. We love your work! Please keep sharing. You serve as a daily reminder that inspiration never runs out.

  277. I just stumbled across your blog and I can’t figure out why I haven’t found it sooner! It’s so lovely.

  279. you’re on Oh Joy! :)

  281. hi guys! Nice to meet you last time at boracay! Mga uragon pala tlaga kmo.hehe Godbless!

  283. Im iinnssspppiiirrreedddd + AiH. You rockd.

  285. hi guys! i’m interested with your workshop on june 12-13. please email the details about it. thanks!

  287. hi guys! worldwide na ang mangored ah!! galing talaga!!sayang di tayo nagmeet dito sa newyork, im here hngang september pede pa naman akong alalay nyo hehehe… take care and God Bless!!

  289. Just saw the photos and the wedding book nila Achie Sheh and Kuya Og. Beautiful. Didnt get to see the raw photos but I’m so happy you caught so many great moments. Especially with our Mom and Dad and of course sila Achie rin. Thank you so much Sa uulitin! :D

  291. Randall & Joan,

    Shot na tayo ulit! Saka kain tayo ulit sa Cibo. Sosyal eh! Hahahaha

  293. wish we had the budget to get you guys. id love to hire you genius people. goodluck!

  295. well….what can i say about you guys….GRABE!!! ANG GALING NYO!!!!…the best ang mga ideas, catching of moments, napaka unique! know what? early in the morning type ko agad ang site nyo..sobra ako naiinspire while browsing ur site guys, haiiii..i can’t help myself from falling and falling for u mango guys…there’s feeling inside of me that ..gustong sumabog!! hahaha!…na iinspire talaga ako….sobrang love ko kayo…sana wag kyo magagalit skin if one of these days.. i wanted to get ur ideas and styles…please, understand me guys…sobrang idol ko kyo..

    blessed you in so many ways mangored, continue to reach ur success, and inspire lots of people in the globe! have an amazing eyes, fantastic ideas, ..all i know is…u really love, like and enjoy wht u doing, thats why in every click the result is a perfect pieces…I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MANGORED!…more power! and may god continue to guide you in all the things you do….

    hoping to be one of you someday,
    anjie =)

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    rihanna, rexona & kenya ;D

  301. Pulang Manga!!Mango Randall and Joanne..Thanks so much for the priceless photos you took in our wedding..robert and I are enjoying every photo taken..Robert’s family from England ask how many photographers did we hire..i said just one but the BEST one..
    Like Robert and l always say CHEERS!!!!

  303. Hey guys! Got our wedding album! It’s sooo awesome!!!! You guys are amazingly talented. Thanks so much. Keep it up!

  305. Dear Mangoryan, gawin mo na yung samin kahit hindi mo i-blog. Hahahahahahaha. Kahit 3 slides lang. Hahaha


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