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_We are MangoRed


Our healthy crew is composed of photographers, illustrators, layout artists who are just as passionate about our work as the two of us. We are comfortably and chummily left-of-center. We have to confess that we’ve never been to art schools nor earned a major design degree…coz despite its pluses, we reckon this isn’t for everyone..let alone for us. In our case, the real world is the best course.

Our vision is based on principles of openness, directness, irreverence, democracy and a dislike of institutions and pretensions.

We’re always looking for the culturally relevant work and staying current with the hive mind. It’s intuitive, a lot of it. We think it’s just experiencing how far you can keep your mind open on a daily basis, and paying attention.

We’d like to describe our work as a tickle in your brain. It’s not just the quality of the idea, it’s the quality of the execution, the finish. the unique spin in colors, the lines, perspective..when these elements align, they create a visual perfume.

_Albums 2011-2012



Hello earth! Busy wedding days are nipping at our heels again. Some days are stretched nearly out of whack.

To smooth over a stressful situation, we are currently updating our online client-login access points & album gallery.

Moving on to other news, we are delighted to offer you a taste of our mid-year release album templates.

Welcome to our secret garden party.
The expanded line is cottage chic and breezy in character.
Touched with a hint of unpolished style –
interlaced with retro flavors & romantic undertones.

Ok. As always, we’ll keep the words to a minimum and let the images speak.

(50 pcs) 4 x 6 ” fine art prints mounted into 8 x 8 matte frames (heavyweight archival cardstock boards)

Enshrined in a red fabric-covered presentation box. Accented and wrapped with crushed velvet ribbon (woven-edge / single face ) to tie it close.

8 x 8 x 3 inches

The RedBox comes with the Basic Package (see all packages on our site’s drop-down INFO menu)



{ The 10 x 15 Book }

The 10 x 15 Book holds 40 (counting both sides) thick archival-safe prints. Bound by hand using a Coptic stitch that allows the book to be opened completely flat at any page. Cover and content is made with acid-free book board and spill-proof laminated.

The book comes protected with a linen-textured slip-in sleeve.

10 x 15 inches (10 x 30 ” spread), and has a generous 3 inch spine.

The 10 x 15 Book comes with the Premium Package (again, see all packages on our site’s drop-down INFO menu)



Should you have any further questions or inquiries in mind, drop us a mail or give us a ring.
Let’s bounce ideas back and forth. We’ll help you wrestle and bring them to life.

Now, please excuse us while we press on to something new for you

Thanks for looking and enjoy yourselves, folks.



Please be informed that our authorized representative is Miss Chyv Reyes and our official depository bank is BPI under the name of mangoRED Corp. Any transaction on behalf of mangoRED Corp. entered into by any person other than our authorized representative or any deposit other than to our depository account will not be honored. (Please coordinate with Chyv for the BPI Bank Account No.)

Thank you for your continued support.