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_We are MangoRed


Our healthy crew is composed of photographers, illustrators, layout artists who are just as passionate about our work as the two of us. We are comfortably and chummily left-of-center. We have to confess that we’ve never been to art schools nor earned a major design degree…coz despite its pluses, we reckon this isn’t for everyone..let alone for us. In our case, the real world is the best course.

Our vision is based on principles of openness, directness, irreverence, democracy and a dislike of institutions and pretensions.

We’re always looking for the culturally relevant work and staying current with the hive mind. It’s intuitive, a lot of it. We think it’s just experiencing how far you can keep your mind open on a daily basis, and paying attention.

We’d like to describe our work as a tickle in your brain. It’s not just the quality of the idea, it’s the quality of the execution, the finish. the unique spin in colors, the lines, perspective..when these elements align, they create a visual perfume.

_Marc & Mica


Marc Fuentes &

Mica Diva Tuaño

Manila, Philippines _

Shot on Location _ Parallax Studio + Salcedo Park, Makati | Styling _ Cholo dela Vega | Headbands by Bonne _

You’re making friends with the fireflies
I can’t say that this comes as a surprise


Teenage Mexican boy
Don’t be shy
Cause I could listen to Spanish all night

E l  d u l c e  a r o m a  d e  r o n
On your breath
Acercate a mi
Come closer

A c e r c a t e   a   m i
Come closer

S i e m p r e   m e   a  c o r d a r e
I will always remember

Pick up your trumpet,
your plastic trumpet:
blow me your horn today

Pick up your tambourine,
your Fisher Price My First Tamborine:
jingle and jangle today.

Plug in your keyboard,
your symphonic sound samba Samsung:
pick out a tune today.

K i n d l e  a  f l a m e  i n  m y  h e a r t

Kindle a flame.
You’ve got to untie me from these bows,

W r a p   y o u r   a r m s  a r o u n d  m e  l i k e  s w a d d l i n g  c l o t h e s

T o o k  a  b o a t  o r  a  f e r r y  t o  a n  i s l a n d

There were gardens and trees
And balloons in the sky

And we knew it was right
It wasn’t only the light

Hey Señorita, I’m on my way to meet you
We’ll share a quesadilla
If you show up smilin’

C o m o  s e  d i c e
I still say your names with marks of exclamation
Come a million miles with me

O  H e a v e n
I’ve dreamed you
for such a long time.

Heaven is a lake
inside a crystal bowl
with tea lights and magnolias
floating on the water –

Forever and ever:
As far as the eye can wander.

I’m weak at the knees and the air that I breathe, so thick you could cut with a knife,

As time starts to slow, your skin comes aglow and the room becomes flooded with light,

Well my heart is bigger than the earth
And my love surrounds you like an ether
In everything that you do

S o m e o n e  l i k e  m e

with someone like you
How unlikely
too good to be true


Timing your movements so accurately
Hearing you breathing so musically
Unity strengthening rapidly

You’re never too close
Or far away
Perfect somewhere in – between


– V i n t a g e  M a c h i n e –

Replace my veins with magnetic tape
clunk rewind clunk play clunk again

Me, in your back garden

with my Walkman tucked inside my forearm,
And I’m waiting, waiting for C90
In the summer of 2007

There’s an invisible line where your body meets mine and crossing it feels like a drug,
We twist and we turn, we crackle and burn in the flickering flames of our love.
As one soul divides, sends shivers up my spine and bubbles my blood


Cause when you come around the house tonight darling,
There’s just one thing I wanna do

All I wanna do is melt, melt, melt, melt into you
Melt, melt, melt, melt into you

Out the windows of my bedroom
Through the backyards of our neighbors
the moon swept down to greet us

It was warm and made of flowers
Into vines that barely reached us
Climbing higher than forever

By the glow of a thousand fireflies in a travelodge en-suite:

They think the future’s bright as halogen
And I’m trying to be sexy, biting at the air that falls in front of me.


Well if you are (what you love)
And you do (what you love)

I will always be the sun and moon to you


and if you share (with your heart)
yeah, you give (with your heart)

What you share with the world is what it keeps of you


Oh place your hands
on my Heart

Oh I do believe it’s beating
at the same pulse as yours


W e ‘ r e  t w o
Atoms in a molecule
Inseparably combined

Oh like a piece of rope
made out of two pieces of vine.


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