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_We are MangoRed


Our healthy crew is composed of photographers, illustrators, layout artists who are just as passionate about our work as the two of us. We are comfortably and chummily left-of-center. We have to confess that we’ve never been to art schools nor earned a major design degree…coz despite its pluses, we reckon this isn’t for everyone..let alone for us. In our case, the real world is the best course.

Our vision is based on principles of openness, directness, irreverence, democracy and a dislike of institutions and pretensions.

We’re always looking for the culturally relevant work and staying current with the hive mind. It’s intuitive, a lot of it. We think it’s just experiencing how far you can keep your mind open on a daily basis, and paying attention.

We’d like to describe our work as a tickle in your brain. It’s not just the quality of the idea, it’s the quality of the execution, the finish. the unique spin in colors, the lines, perspective..when these elements align, they create a visual perfume.

_Charlie & Paula





Hair + MakeUp > D a v e  L o p e z  +  P i a  R e y e s  &  K a i  F o r t u n o | Styling > T i p p i n g  P o i n t  C o l l e c t i v e


And I dived into you. I dived into you. On this ocean hueCHARLIE & PAULA-50c

I  l a y  q u i e t ,  n e x t  t o  y o u   t r a n s f o r m e d  a n e wCHARLIE & PAULA-66b

The seals, they cried in jubilee
The sharks, they howled along with me

And birds, they flew into the wind
The whale, he roamed the lonely sea

W e  s t a r t e d  t o  b e l i e v e  o u r  d r e a m s  a n d  I  j u s t  k e p t  d r i v i n g  r i g h t  p a s t  t h e  e x i t .


Woke up with a shoe in my mouth Should I head north or south?CHARLIE & PAULA-47

Throwing our cell phones out of the window
Yelling at the city goodbye  w e  w o n ‘ t  m i s s  y o u

We’d talk about the day ahead and shouldn’t we just run away instead?

Triangles are my favorite shape
Three points where two lines meet.
T o e  t o  t o e ,  b a c k  t o  b a c k ,  l e t ‘ s  g o

My love it’s very late.
‘Til morning comes, let’s tessellate.

So believe in every word we say I drove on until the break of dayCHARLIE & PAULA-49c

Our smiles stretched from my ears to yours
there’s nothing a bit of fresh breeze won’t cure

Fly to the moon and go back in time
Sit on the wave of a cloud
A message to our Sir Valentine
From somewhere up above

we wonder if we leap we’d fly
And I can see your hair, glowing in the gentle light

T h e n  y o u  g r i p  m y  h a n d ,  t i g h t e r  a s  w e  b o t h  t a k e  f l i g h tCHARLIE & PAULA-73c

You’re with me, climb that tree, There’s no need to worry. We’re not in any hurryCHARLIE & PAULA-61c

Star shining bright above you
night breeze seems to whisper ‘ I  l o v e  y o u ‘

and birds singing in the sycamore trees
D r e a m  a  l i t t l e  ,  D r e a m  o f  m e

s w e e t  d r e a m s  t i l  s u n b e a m s  f i n d  y o uCHARLIE & PAULA-55d

sweet dreams that leave all the worries behind youCHARLIE & PAULA-71f

and in your dreams whatever they be.CHARLIE & PAULA-1

O h ,  d r e a m  a  l i t t l e ,  d r e a m  o f  m e .CHARLIE & PAULA-43b

S u m m e r  s l o w e d  d o w n  t o  s p e e d  u p  m y  p u l s e



We wandered sidewalks and moonlight held us
We sat on benches and we sang our songs
We stayed up all night and then we went home


A n d  I  c a n ’ t  r e c a l l  a  f e e l i n g  b e t t e r  t h a n  t h i sCHARLIE & PAULA-39c


Sweet and sour and ripe flavors tasted on summer nights



We stood on concrete, strangers saw us. They said in our eyes we looked in love
I can’t recall a feeling better than this


I’ve got ten fingers and I have ten toes. You’re softly sweeping my neck and noseCHARLIE & PAULA-65

T w i s t i n g  a n d  t u r n i n g ,  w e  a r e  h o t  d o g sCHARLIE & PAULA-60

Naked spree as holidays always should be
But more often than not a vague sound emerged from the sea
From a horrible horse sized sea anemone

May this friendship never die. We’ll have sweet dreams forever on a train in the sky.CHARLIE & PAULA-70

Oh my soul can fly
Its journeys are far and wide

My journey’s a constant dream
That ends in the ocean but starts in the stream

Oh heavens upon me I must have died
Oh adventures before me
Let’s start this tonight

A n d  u n d e r  w i l d  b l u e  s k i e s .  M a r b l e  m o v i e  s k i e s

I  f o u n d  a  h o m e  i n  y o u r  e y e s  A n d  w e ‘ d  n e v e r  b e  a p a r tCHARLIE & PAULA-41

And when the fires came
The smell of cinders and rain
Perfumed almost everything



I’ll follow you into the park
Through the jungle, through the dark


Delicately final-4



Moats & boats & waterfalls
Alleyways & pay phone calls
Home is wherever I’m with you


I’ve been everywhere with you
Ah, home, let me go home

H o m e  i s  w h e r e v e r  I ‘ m  w i t h  y o u


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